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KathyImagine, years ago traveling a dirt road, turning the corner just beside the little white church and there would be the family home. The roads are paved now that lead to this 100 year old farmhouse, but I can still picture what it used to look like. The flowering trees and bushes almost as old as the home, making the front porch very shady and cool, I am sure this is what gave Kathy the name for her business, “Ramblewood Gardens”. On our visits we usually found her husband sitting on that front porch with Kathy sitting inside rocking in her chair or sometimes sewing. She was what many would call a pioneer woman. If you went to flea markets you probably saw her with her neck scarfs or headbands to help beat the heat, or one of the many essential oils she made to help relax and comfort you.

Kathy’s “Wish”, was a simple thing to fulfill, but very important to her. You see Kathy made quilts, where every piece is cut and sewed by hand and she wanted to make one of these beautiful quilts for each of her grandchildren. “Wishes and Dreams” got the fabric for her and I was able to see these special works of art when they were completed. I envision these grandchildren seeing these quilts for many years and remembering their childhood, with their grandparents in this special place she called Ramblewood Gardens.


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The Hard Conversation… “We need to talk”

The Hard Conversation…            “We need to talk”

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We Honor Veterans

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