You know how when you meet someone for the first time and they tell you they are a teacher, you knew that already, because some people are just born teachers.  I know I remember the teacher that I loved and still remember her name some 50 years later, well that was Amber.

Amber always wanted to be a teacher, she loved kids and especially loved the children in her class.  Amber also loved Logan, her husband, and I must say he thought the sun rose and set in her too.  That is why this disease that was ending her life so soon was so hard to watch.  These two were meant for each other and 24 years old was way too soon.

Logan’s “Wish and Dream” for Amber was to really celebrate their 4th anniversary, which was also their last anniversary.  So we reserved the Woodbridge Inn.

The Woodbridge Inn has been in Jasper for years, and if you have ever seen it you know it is very historic, definitely romantic and a perfect place for an anniversary.  Logan presented her with pink roses and escorted his lovely wife to a table reserved just for them.  They were treated like a King and Queen, or maybe a Princess and her Prince Charming.  It touched our hearts to see the love between these two.  Georgia Mountains Hospice was so grateful to have been able to help care for Amber and help provide this special night for both Amber and Logan.

We Honor Veterans

We Honor Veterans

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